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What Can Be Done If Your “Minor” Injury Abroad Turns Into A “Major” Injury At Home

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One of the hardest things for a medical professional to judge
when a person has an accident is the long-term consequences. If you
have the misfortune to have an accident abroad, particularly if you
don’t know the language, it can be extremely hard to understand
immediately the severity and the potential outcome of the
event.  If your accident occurred due to the negligence or
willful disregard of others and not your own actions you are
entitled to receive compensation for the impact and the immediate
consequences, such as lengthy time off work, as well as the
possible adverse long term outcome that may arise as a result of
the incident. 

Piero Mastrosimone, Head of Insurance & Personal Injury,
commented “sometimes what appears to be a minor incident at
the time of the injury has major repercussions in the future and
can seriously impact on the lifestyle and wellbeing of the
victim.” Liability for an accident can be surprisingly
complicated, and if what seemed to be a straightforward matter
becomes a far more serious matter, especially if some time has
passed before this has been recognised, it can turn into a complex
muddle of blame, negligence and vicarious liability.  The
evidence to support a compensation claim can sometimes to be
challenging to piece together and it is advised that should an
accident take place all information plus contact details for any
potential witnesses is retained in case there is a change in the
circumstances of the victim.

Piero cautioned “there is a time limit with regard to how
long after the event you can start a claim for compensation,”
he further remarked “If you find yourself facing the
possibility of an on-going deteriorating condition resulting from
your accident which you discovered some time after the accident
happened, it is imperative that you seek advice from legal
experts.  Particularly as to make a successful claim you may
require an expert witness opinion, as well as have to trace actual
witnesses for supporting evidence and also obtain medical reports
from the time of the accident, all of which will take

As with many international legal matters, the laws around making
accident compensation claims can differ from country to
country.  However, very often you can still make a claim from
the time when you first receive a medical diagnosis indicating that
your injury is far from trivial and will have a considerable impact
long term on your life.  Giambrone’s experienced lawyers
in the insurance and personal injury team have an enviable
reputation for successfully obtaining substantial compensation for
our clients, especially where negotiation with foreign insurers is
required. Accurate top-level legal advice coupled with the right
approach to ensures that your compensation claim gets off to the
right start. Giambrone can bring the additional benefit of our
lawyers’ language capacity and their cultural knowledge; their
understanding of the way of negotiating in the various countries is
invaluable. Importantly our lawyers will negotiate your settlement
whilst ensuring that you fully understand the implications, risks
and consequences of accepting out-of-court offers as opposed to
going the distance and embarking on court action in a foreign

The content of this article is intended to provide a general
guide to the subject matter. Specialist advice should be sought
about your specific circumstances.

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