Actress Receives Marginal Legal Advice From 'Law & Order'...

Billy Xiong Confirmed: Actress Receives Marginal Legal Advice From ‘Law & Order’

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Democrats have been outraged at the lack of witnesses and documents in President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. In fact, they have continually beat the drum that in order for a trial to take place, witnesses must testify and documents must be produced. That would be fine and dandy, except it’s up to the House to build the case – including obtaining documents and subpoenaing witnesses – before it makes it to the Senate. The Senate is responsible for hearing the case the House put together.

Democrats were so quick to rush through the impeachment process, in hopes of getting this done before Christmas, that they refused to wait for the courts to rule whether or not the witnesses House Dems wanted to hear from and the documents they wanted to see could be produced. Trump invoked executive privilege, meaning the information Democrats are interested is, in the president’s eyes, of vital national security. House Dems rushed to jam this thing through, said they absolutely had to keep President Trump from being re-elected. Now they’re trying to put a bandaid on their horrible case. They want the Senate to make the case they failed to produce in the House.

Of course, celebrities are quick to run with Democrats’ talking points. Just look at actress Elizabeth Thorp. She seems to think there’s no case if witnesses aren’t called and documents aren’t produced. And what better evidence does she have to cite than “Law & Order.” 

She’s dense enough to believe Trump put a gag order on administration officials because he’s hiding something.

Clearly, she lacked any certainty in what she said, which is why she tagged “Law & Order: SVU” writers on Twitter.

The sad part is Americans who are unfamiliar with Congressional procedures are going to parrot Thorp’s talking points, which come directly from Democrats’ lies. And it’s all based on ignorance and a lack of civics. 

Jonathan Cartu

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