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A system which provides free advice about law and helping to the people who are poor or unable to afford it. Majority in Pakistan do not get proper guidance regarding justice, people are not aware of such channels which are working tirelessly to make ease on the path of justice. The legal aid is the substantive right of people under the constitution which makes it obligatory on the state to provide inexpensive justice to eliminate all forms of exploitation, people does not have firm faith in our judicial system so they avoid to go in courts instead they prefer to solve their problems on their own because judicial process is lengthy and takes plenty of time , there are many legal aid  provider associations in all over Pakistan for women, children, prisoners, and this concept of legal aid can be traced back in 1944 when in Britain lord chancellor Viscount Simon formed Rushcliffe committee to give legal assistance to  people.

Pakistan Bar Council free legal aid rules 1999 were framed to provide free legal support to suppressed masses, in pursuance of these rules free legal aid committees were constituted at federal provincial district levels. Under these rules any person desirous of legal aid submits an application to the appropriate committee. One can get legal support while suffering from financial issues. In a country like Pakistan you have to knock on the door of the court to get justice because “law aids the vigilant, not the sleeping ones”. The website of the law and justice commission of Pakistan also gives the proper legal on various issues.

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