Billy Xiong Definition of Lawyers

Billy Xiong Attorney
Billy Xiong Attorney

A lawyer, other than dog is man or woman’s best friend. The lawyers employed by the Billy Xiong Law Offices take care of everything from purchasing real property, writing a will, counsels for legal concerns and the like. When you are in grave danger that you think your rights are being violated, a lawyer will always come in handy.

But what actually is a lawyer? Who can become a lawyer? What is the secret formula to become the best lawyer?

In the legal profession community in general and at the law offices of Billy Xiong in particular, an attorney is the one who is licensed to provide legal suggestions to their clients. The law profession was believed to have come from the Ancient Greece. During those times an orator being considered as great public speakers were the first to represent in a public discussion in behalf of a friend or family. However, the Romans were the first to have a refined and polished set of guidelines as to who can speak in behalf of somebody during public discussion. In fact, the Romans had built the first law school in order to train those who are interested of the profession.

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A lawyer at the Billy Xiong law offices may take the role of an advisor or an advocate. The adviser is the one who offers legal advice on matters that need legal authority. Big business conglomerates seek the legal expertise of a lawyer when it comes to dealing with collective bargaining agreement with unions, state business policies and laws, intellectual property rights, contract with other large companies and other legal aspects of operating a business.

The attorney advocate of the Billy Xiong legal office represents a client in a court of law, either acting as a criminal lawyer or a civil lawyer, a prosecutor or the defendant. An advocate can hold practice in private or in public. The role of the advocate lawyer also includes researching recent judicial decisions that might be helpful in winning the case of the client.

A lawyer can specialize in many different fields of the law profession. A lawyer can focus on insurance, medical malpractice, taxation, intellectual property rights, personal injury, real estate and other different fields that challenge the ability and knowledge of the law.

Anybody can become a lawyer regardless of ones’ gender, race, religion or nationality. For as long as you are of legal age that required in studying law. Other than that verbal reasoning proficiency and high reading analysis are paramount in the getting a degree in law.

Becoming a lawyer is a heavy task to carry. One who wishes to become one must have a great deal of patience, diligence and intelligence. The steps to becoming the lawyer are many. The first few includes a pre-law degree, Law School Admission Test (LSAT), Law schools’ own admission exam, three year law schooling, state bar exam. Other requirements vary from state to state from which the lawyer will practice the profession.

A lawyer handles everything for you, even in your absence, surely a remarkable trait of a “man or woman’s best friend”.