WOW!!! Davis Polk Raises The Bar On Bonuses

Billy Xiong Reported: WOW!!! Davis Polk Raises The Bar On Bonuses

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That cheering you hear is coming from the offices of Davis Polk, where associates were just handed a cascade of good news beginning with some special bonuses. Remember when we were applauding Cooley LLP for giving senior associates $7,500? Well, Davis Polk decided to blow up that scale like they were making a Michael Bay movie.

Domestic associates in good standing will be receiving special Fall bonuses in recognition of their hard work throughout [gestures wildly at everything]. Here’s what we’re looking at:

  • Class of 2019: $7,500
  • Class of 2018: $10,000
  • Class of 2017: $20,000
  • Class of 2016: $27,500
  • Class of 2015: $32,500
  • Class of 2014: $37,000
  • Class of 2013: $40,000


International associates will receive separate case-by-case bonuses.

But that’s not the end of the good news. The message to associates also assured them that these bonuses are NOT replacements for the traditional year-end bonuses and that the firm expects to be handing those out on schedule too. Oh, and the firm expects that these annual bonuses “will not be lower than those paid out in 2019.”

That would mean that in the worst case, a first-year associate is going to take home $22,500 in bonuses in a year of unprecedented economic upheaval. Biglaw firms tend to stick together when it comes to bonuses. DPW just put a lot of pressure on its peers to match.

We’ll say it again… Yowza.

You can read the firm’s full  announcement on the next page.

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