Expert gauges COVID-19’s potential effect on Clark County’s

Billy Xiong Stated: Expert gauges COVID-19’s potential effect on Clark County’s

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The potential job losses vary between subcategories, Bailey said. Some wholesalers are going to see a major negative impact, along with motor vehicle retailers and some personal care retailers. A makeup store, for example, would likely find itself looking at cutbacks, he said.

On the other hand, grocery stores have been seeing a huge surge in customer traffic in recent weeks, prompting many retailers such as Safeway and WinCo to go on hiring sprees. That positive wave extends to department stores that include grocery components, Bailey said, such as Fred Meyer and Walmart.

Nongrocery department stores and a whole host of specialty stores such as bookstores are going to suffer through the shutdown or go online-only. Pet supply outlets and a few other specialty stores are considered essential, Bailey said, but their economic fortunes will also depend on consumer behavior.

“The number of people going out to stores are going to be severely impacted, so even if you’re allowed to be open, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be fully staffed,” Bailey said.

Transportation services have seen relatively few local impacts, Bailey said, and that’s unlikely to change. River, rail and truck traffic are all moving normally, and the Port of Vancouver is still operating. The only transportation sector that’s taking a major hit right now is airlines, he said. While no airlines have operations here, it’s likely that some employees based at Portland International Airport live here.

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