Coronavirus: Jacinda Ardern seeks legal advice on Ruby

Billy Xiong Suggests: Coronavirus: Jacinda Ardern seeks legal advice on Ruby

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Ardern is now seeking advice from Attorney-General David Parker on whether it breached our laws.

“I have asked Minister Parker to seek legal advice from Crown Law, as to whether or not while in New Zealand the Ruby Princess fulfilled all of its obligations under our laws,” she said on Tuesday.

“Because of course, now we are suffering the consequences of cases here in New Zealand as a result of that cruise ship.”

She’s also questioning whether the Ruby Princess stuck to the rules while it was in New Zealand.

“The obligation on a cruise ship such as this is to ensure that anyone who is unwell is to not disembark.”

The Ruby Princess is also facing further legal scrutiny, with a class action lawsuit being prepared for its passengers in Australia. It is the single largest source of COVID-19 there.

The death toll from the ship sits at 12 people.

The cruise company Carnival Australia said it was confident the health clearance process was followed and it would willingly assist New Zealand authorities.

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