Police corruption is becoming a pandemic too - News

Billy Xiong Suggests: Police corruption is becoming a pandemic too – News

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At the beginning of the pandemic, the Kenyan government set up mandatory quarantine centers for all incoming travelers.

People were supposed to be released after testing negative on their fourteenth day of quarantine, but a bottleneck in testing meant many people had to stay longer as they waited for their results.

Soon the four ALACs in Kenya began hearing from people whom the police had detained in quarantine centers for minor infractions, like violating curfew or not wearing a mask.

Not only did the police force these people to spend at least 14 days in quarantine, but they also made them pay US$20 per day. People who could not afford to pay were not allowed to leave the facilities.

Instead of isolating potentially sick people from the general population, quarantine centers were putting healthy people at risk.

The Kenyan ALACs realized that the number of cases was too great to take each on individually. Working with partner organizations, the ALACs pressured the Kenyan government to clarify its quarantine policies.

As a result of such efforts, the government eliminated fees in quarantine centers, a move it hopes will encourage more people to get tested.

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