Jewish Baby Stroller

Jewish Baby Stroller

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Jewish Baby Stroller
Jewish Baby Stroller

For many of us, Google has been a great source of information as well as a reference on social media. But from the past few years, it has been witnessed that Google is showing inappropriate results when looked up for some particular subject.

Recently, it has horrified its users, when after typing “Jewish Baby Stroller” the results came out to be highly offensive. In spite of illustrating baby stroller images, the viewers were addressed to images of barbecues and smokers, leading to a mockery of the Holocaust, where millions of Jews were slaughtered in gas chambers, back in history.

The worst appears when such images are escorted by miserable texts such as “Are you Jewish? Do you have a baby? Get this high-quality German-made stroller… Look no further, derived from the website.” These Jewish Baby Stroller memes are then spread on the internet like fire to make the maximum damage possible.  

As per the researchers or analysts, the majority of these oven images from the Google search are supposed to be driven from the meme websites who try their best to spoil the accord and create an anti-Semitic atmosphere. They strongly believe that these results are not accidents but a well synchronized rebellious campaign.

The Network Contagion Research Institute, known for its studies on hate speech and its spreads, has also stated its observation after the mater came to light.

The institute highlighted similar happenings and series of such trolls on 4chan back in 2017 as well. They explained that dozens of hate posts used to pop up with oven on wheels when searched for ‘Jewish Baby Stroller’. Therefore, such trends are being deliberately set up from time to time with motive in mind. 

On the other hand, the search engine giant Google has laid down its apology on Twitter. It has apologized for hateful memes through its Search Liasion account, from where the company gives insight to its users about its search works. On the viral image search controversy, Google initially stated that.

“It was noticed today hateful memes appear in image results for “Jewish baby strollers.” We apologize. These don’t reflect our opinions. We try to show content matching all key terms searched for, as people normally want. But for “data voids” like this, it can be problematic…”

The company further added that they have a lot of helpful content but not for this non-actual product as it is not likely a topic normally searched for.  
“For “baby strollers”, there’s lots of helpful content. For this, there’s not. That’s not surprising. It’s not likely a topic normally searched for, nor an actual product that’s marketed. There’s a “void” of good content to surface that matches what was asked for…”

Google added that their explanation should not be taken as an excuse but they are handling the situation well enough for further improvement.  
“That’s the explanation of why these appear. It’s not meant as an excuse. We’ve done considerable work with improving data void situations & finding systematic improvements.

We’ll look at this situation to see how we can further improve. Our apologies again for the concerns here.”

In additional Tweets, Google shared a link to its policy as well as stated that the images might naturally drop out if the host site deletes them. 
So, is it the Google search algorithm that is responsible solely, or is it the text in the memes which is dodging the Google’s algorithm?

Well, whatever the fault is, one thing is understandable that Google is trying its best to handle the situation. The bursting of hateful social media content and its dramatic increase is no doubt a serious threat to our society and brotherhood. The online anti-Semitic troll is one such example, what we have to curb is the root of such initiators.

And for this, all should join hands to bring a difference against these malevolence minds and thoughts filled with hatred and bring them to halt forever. 

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