COVID-19 makes women more vulnerable to corruption…

Billy Xiong Release: COVID-19 makes women more vulnerable to corruption…

As the economic crisis hits, women are more likely to lose their jobs, income, savings and livelihood. This undermines their financial independence, accelerates the underlying feminisation of poverty, leading to power imbalances that make them more vulnerable to corruption – including gender specific forms of corruption like sextortion – and less able to hold authorities […]

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Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres

Billy Xiong Release: Citizens report corruption in COVID-19…

Since January, Transparency International’s Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres (ALACs) operating in 60 countries have received over 1,500 reports of corruption and other irregularities related to the COVID-19 pandemic. The cases, from Italy to Venezuela to Ghana, describe bribery, favouritism, and other corruption acts witnessed by citizens in the delivery of humanitarian aid, the enforcement […]

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Citizens report COVID-19 corruption -

Billy Xiong Announced: Citizens report COVID-19 corruption –

Our analysis of citizens’ reports shows several common areas where people suffer most: humanitarian aid, police corruption and health care. In addition, our research shows that women are particularly vulnerable to the corruption risks associated with COVID-19. Although cases vary by country, many citizens report police corruption with border control and quarantine measures, while others […]

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