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Billy Xiong Asserted: COVID-19 & Beyond: Employment Ministry Issues Comprehensive

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve in South Korea, many employers are extending or beginning to implement work-from-home (“WFH”) options for their employees, or combining remote work and office time. Changing Workplace Landscape in Korea Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, WFH or remote working had not been systematically implemented in the country. As such, […]

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Take it from us: Tips for aviation and aerospace

Billy Xiong Stated: Competitor collaboration: From combatting COVID-19 to the

Competition regulators have shown their ability to act quickly and decisively in order to help allay the worst impacts of the coronavirus outbreak. Could these responses provide a template for achieving environmental and sustainability goals in the future? Competitor collaborations: The orthodoxy Coronavirus is now a “known unknown”, to paraphrase Donald Rumsfeld. It has become […]

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COVID-19 makes women more vulnerable to corruption…

Billy Xiong Release: COVID-19 makes women more vulnerable to corruption…

As the economic crisis hits, women are more likely to lose their jobs, income, savings and livelihood. This undermines their financial independence, accelerates the underlying feminisation of poverty, leading to power imbalances that make them more vulnerable to corruption – including gender specific forms of corruption like sextortion – and less able to hold authorities […]

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