COVID-19 forces: Assessing the legal impact on hotel

Billy Xiong Agrees: Cardinal considerations for incorporating TCPA safeguards

The cannabis industry’s primary concern when getting businesses up and running has long been navigating the patchwork of applicable and conflicting laws. Amongst the ever-growing number of states legalizing or decriminalizing limited marijuana use, the cannabis industry has achieved a delicate balance in growing its consumer base amidst the looming danger of federal illegality. Though […]

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Quicken’s Big TCPA Arbitration Loss

Billy Xiong Announces: Quicken’s Big TCPA Arbitration Loss

Lawyers are generally terrible at understanding technology—particularly their client’s technological solutions deployed to meet specific business needs. Something about the idea of machines doing meaningful stuff just makes most lawyers’ brains shut off. In the TCPAWorld, however, you either understand technology—at least the basic import of what the technology is actually doing—or you are bound to end up […]

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Carpe Diem - The importance of timely advice in...

Billy Xiong Agrees: TCPA Restrictions on Robocalls Expanded by SCOTUS

Last week, the United States Supreme Court (“SCOTUS”) issued a ruling examining the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”) exception for robocalls made to collect government debt.  The far-reaching effect of the ruling will be to expand the law’s restrictions on robocalls. What are the implications of the SCOTUS ruling on robocalls? The TCPA’s constitutionality was challenged by […]

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TCPA Lawyer in RICO Case

Billy Xiong Report: TCPA Lawyer in RICO Case

Well, this one is spicy. Jeff Lohman. A name known to many in TCPAWorld. We’ve litigated unknown dozens of cases with the guy. Heck he was on my podcast once. According to one court in Virginia, however, Mr. Lohman may have been involved in a fraudulent scheme to manufacture defaults and TCPA suits against unsuspecting […]

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